Are you wanting to add births as part of your services, but are petrified because you’ve never actually shot a birth?

You’ve been asked by a close friend to capture the impending arrival of her new baby. She knows you’ve never shot a birth before and you’re not charging her so the expectations aren’t high. But you want this to be special, to capture all the details and to give her memories to cherish.

I’ve been there. I wish I had someone to hold my hand and teach me everything there was to know about birth, what “holding space” meant, and etiquette towards other birth and medical professionals.



I have created an online learning platform with you in mind.

Inside this exclusive website, you’ll find;

  • Access to over 20 hours of videos in our library, that continues to grow as new material is uploaded and streamed.
  • written books for the reading learner
  • a hands on experience with exercises, learning opportunities, and the ability to edit MY images
  • Join us shooting live at the event in Melbourne and using those images for portfolio use to get clients
  • Custom made presets for birth and documentary style images.
  • Discounts to my fav peeps content and resources (Angela Gallo, Birth Becomes Her, et)
  • A private Facebook group with direct access to me and other members for critique, love, encouragement and a place to toot your own horn.
  • Discounted rates for 1:1 mentoring
  • Support. Support. Support.

And most importantly exclusive access to my quarterly Mock Births.
What is a mock birth? I’m so glad you asked!

Each mock birth is the ultimate learning playground for up and coming birth photographers. Practice your skills, understand the limitations of your surroundings, learn to master your camera all without the pressure of a live birth.

We will mock up different scenarios you may find yourself in including;

  • Low light
  • Homebirth
  • Birth centres
  • Unassisted births
  • Crowded births
  • Emergency births
  • You name it, I’m covering it.

I’ll show you how to efficiently cull, edit, export, and deliver your galleries.

We will talk about finding your style. Loving your images, and creating a consistent style to trademark your work. 


Lacey’s workshop was exactly what I needed to refine my skills and boost my confidence to photograph births. Lacey generously shared her knowledge and experience throughout the day, answering all our questions, going above and beyond. I left the workshop with a renewed energy and belief that this work is my calling. I couldn’t recommend connecting with Lacey highly enough, she has inspired me with her determination to shake up society’s perception of birth. 


Lacey Barratt Live is perfect for you if;

You have basic camera knowledge.

You can operate your camera in manual mode.

You’ve dabbled in flash but are pretty damn scared of it.

You’ve heard BFT but don’t know what that means.

You’ve heard the term TTL and assume it still means talk to you later, right?

Your imagery is just a little bit bland.


Let’s turn everything upside down…